Dingo’s Surf Shop – Shak Smak – Episode: Phoney Baloney

Phone-y Baloney Episode 1 of Dingos Surf ShopThis is the first animation in the Dingo Surf Shop Series and it first appeared in 2003 in the movie “There Ain’t No Surf in Texas”, an independent surf movie that my husband and I created. That movie was well received by the local audience who filled Rice University’s theater the few times it was shown. Dingo’s debut received howls of laughter from that surfer crowd. Good times, good times.

Here is the Dingo debut – but now it has been updated. When I first created this using my computer animation program I got some of the settings wrong and the quality was degraded because of it. Here it is now, remastered the way I intended it to be:

You can read more about the birth of Dingo here.

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