Dingo’s Surf Shop – Shak Smak – Episode: Snakes, Snails and Shotgun Shells

This is the second animation of Dingo’s Surf Shop from the movie ‘There Ain’t No Surf in Texas’ we released in 2003. In this we get a little more insight into the character of Dingo.

In this clip, poor old Dingo’s nose goes through some real stretching with all those lies he tells. We also get to see that perhaps the surf shop owner’s life is not the most peaceful one, yet the artful dodger seems more than capable of taking care of himself. This episode ends with us traveling through the window for a close up of Dingo’s sign.

That little sign segment caused some ruffled feathers at one of our movie showings with a patron accusing me of ‘hating’ on Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you look at that end segment you will see what at first glance seems to be the ‘fish’ symbol that is representative of the Christian faith. Yet when we look closer we see that is not the symbol on Dingo’s sign at all and in fact the symbol is a shark. This is yet another one of Dingo’s lying schemes. He has used a symbol that people will mistake for one that would indicate he is respectable and full of virtue. Only by close examination would the person visiting his shop see what is clearly before them. Dingo is a shark who will eat you. This little second or two of this animation was my symbolic warning to the audience. Watch out. Buyer beware. Look closely.

The Dingo character is an amalgam of those who have in the past done us wrong. Sometimes those people who have wronged us have at first seemed very respectable. In real life, there was one glaring instance we trusted someone that others had tried to warn us about. We stupidly ignored the observations of others due to the seeming friendliness of this individual. We trusted this individual in a monetary situation only to be rewarded with lies, a bounced check, more lies, a second bounced check and then outright theft.

The silver lining is that in spite of the fact that we were the suckers that are born every minute in that scenario, that lying, sniveling scoundrel that took advantage of us became part of the backbone of the Dingo character. We made lemonade out of that lemon and indeed, flowers bloomed out of the manure. So the moral of this story keeps on growing. Watch out for the scoundrels. Where there is smoke there often is fire. Learn from your mistakes. And most importantly – make something good out of the bad.

And here you thought this was just a simple cartoon.

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