Surfing at the Surfside Texas Jetty April 1999

Surfing in Texas borders on a novel pursuit, especially on the upper coast.  Small, crumbly surf most of the time, if at all.  Bathed in hues of  brown and grey much of the time, the upper coast of Texas would rank, on a list of regularly surfed spots around the globe, perpetually near the bottom.  Nonetheless, when the surf comes up here it is pursued passionately.   Sure, we dream of and travel to Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, California or just about anywhere else that has better waves. But this is where we live and most of us are aware that as Texas surfers we dwell on the fringe of something awesome…

This video was shot in April of 1999 in Surfside Beach, Texas at the Jetty.  The Surfside Jetty offers a long mellow ride that is good for surfers of all levels of experience.  A good beginner’s spot but experienced surfers often find well formed and less crowded waves here.  It has a sand bottom and warm water most of the year.  However the best surf occurs when the water is cool to cold.

This was shot with a Sony Hi8 video camera.

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