Surfing in the Surfside Channel, Surfside Beach Texas 12/20/98

In a place like Texas, most waves are few and far between so a place that seldom breaks even for here becomes almost mythical.  The Surfside channel on the upper coast of Texas is such a place though it hardly resembles a surf spot most of the time.   Having the backdrop of an industrial harbor, the main attraction is that it breaks only on the biggest swells and offers clean conditions when other spots are rough and unruly.  “The Channel” is held in reverence by many surfers on the upper coast of Texas as one of the few spots offering a clean overhead wave.  This video was shot in December of 1998 in Surfside Beach, Texas in the Surfside channel.  This is medium sized channel surf with really good form.

The Surfside channel is a shipping lane located between the Surfside and Quintana Jetties.

This is taken with a Sony Hi8 video camera.

Surfers: John Carson, Carston Peterson, Bruce Woods, Chris Anderson, Jan Glenn, Rick Wiggington, et. al.

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